Topical Anaesthetic for Dental Nurses

Topical Anaesthetic for Dental Nurses

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Topical Anaesthetic for Dental Nurses

Topical Anaesthetic for Dental Nurses

This course is designed as an extended duty for qualified and registered dental nurses. On completion of this competency based course, nurses will be able to apply topical anaesthetic under the prescription of a dentist.

Learning outcomes

  • Explore the preparation for application of topical anaesthetics
  • Understand Indications for use
  • Identify important factors in patient medical history.
  • Understand relevant Precautions and Contraindications
  • Describe the purpose of topical anaesthetics in patient care.
  • Identify materials & equipment used in the application of topical anaesthetic.
  • Explore the classifications of topical anaesthetics, including: Identify various forms.Identify various agents.
  • Practice Application of Topical Anaesthetic (Including Infection Control/Occupational Safety and Health Administration Protocol)

Topical Anaesthetic for Dental Nurses

Students must have

  • GDC Registration
  • A supervising dentist to assist with building a portfolio to show competence
  • Students must have access to assist patients who require topical anaesthetic
  • They must have written confirmation from a supervising dentists that they take responsibility for overseeing the students training in the workplace.


You will need a computer or tablet with internet access to complete your portfolio and upload your work for assessment.

Topical Anaesthetic for Dental Nurses


  • Dates to be confirmed. Please email to register your interest

Topical Anaesthetic for Dental Nurses


You will have a tutor allocated to you who will help you with your portfolio and mark and comment on your uploaded work. You can ask your tutor for help and guidance.


You will be expected to submit your work online through our dedicated student learning hub .

Assessment is an essential part of this course learning and you are expected to meet all agreed course deadlines and work with your assigned workplace supervisor

Course materials are available to cover the essential aspects for this course. Independent research is essential to optimise your understanding and learning.

After completion of the workshop, a mandatory portfolio of experience must be completed within 6 months under the direct supervision of a dentist, to obtain your competency CPD certificate.

Once verified, you will be awarded your certificate of extended duties competency in topical anaesthetic application 

Topical Anaesthetic for Dental Nurses

Topical Anaesthetic for Dental Nurses


£50.00 (payable on booking)

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