What is the Dawood & Tanner Academy?

The Academy is a training and education centre based in central London. The aim is to create a community of dentists, dental care professionals and administrators who wish to fulfil their true potential through accredited training.

The success of the Dawood and Tanner Academy is achieved through excellent, person-centered communication using accredited course materials that are current, accurate and relevant to the learning needs of each of the different paths of the profession. The course contents are stimulating and user friendly, delivered through blended learning, lectures, and one to one sessions. The education team, tutors, assessors and guest speakers are dental professionals who are not only leaders in their field, but have a passion for teaching and development.

At the Dawood and Tanner Academy the core values are Excellent Patient Care through Lifelong Learning.


This course has helped me become confident in taking patient impressions. It is great to be more 'hands-on' with patients and I like that I am able to support the dental team even more so with this extended duty. E Anastasi
I highly recommend the suture removal course, it gave me the chance to extend my duties in my favourite field of dentistry. With the course, I was able to observe patients recovery closely, and being “hands-on” boosted my confidence as a dental nurse M Kozerinova
Really useful and valuable course. Being an already Nobel implant restoring dentist, I feel far more confident in restoring implants correctly. Dr Brendan

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