What a good workout can do for your brain!

Friday, 28 August 2015

What a good workout can do for your brain!

We all want to have a happy balance between our personal and professiona lives. But how can we go about it?

The effects of exercise on our body are pretty evident. However a new field of research is looking at its effects on our minds. Over the past few years, neuroscientists have been gathering evidence of exercise’s benefits on brain function.

In order for learning to occur, an electrical signal must travel down a neuron and cross a small space known as a synapse to connect with the receiving end of another neuron

Exercise helps to balance neurotransmitters creating the best environment for learning.

D&T A Top Tips:

  • Make a commitment

  • Set a goal

  • Be inspired

Head to Zumba and dance your way to better brain health (at least that’s what you’ll tell everyone).

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