Student of The Month

Monday, 21 March 2016

Student of The Month

Congratulations to Pawan Nahar from Dental Clinique Walsall -  student of the Month in March!

Pawan attended the workshop Fluoride Application Course for dental nurses; Pawan demonstrated confidence in her practical  application of topical fluoride varnish.Through the guidance of her dentist at Dental Clinique, Walsall  Pawan has  built a  portfolio of patients which enables her to gain a certificate in the extended duty of  "Application of topical fluoride varnish for dental nurses" as indicated in the GDC’s Scope of Practice (September 2013)

Well done Pawan.

I attended Dawood and Tanner for the Fluoride application course. The day was very productive and informative and I gained an extra skill that I can take away and put into practice. From doing this course, I gained an additional skill in applying fluoride, it has enhanced my knowledge and skill base and I get to interact with patients and discuss the benefits of fluoride, taking into account the contraindications.Pawan Nahar

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