5 Questions with Alison Steadward

Sunday, 13 August 2017

5 Questions with Alison Steadward

The Academy’s Alison Steadward was interviewed and asked about herself and The Academy. Here’s what she said:


  1. Why did you decide to set up the Academy?

I was asked to be part of the NEBDN Implant Committee which was set up to steer a new implant qualification for post registration dental nurses. As the qualification evolved it became clear it would be a great opportunity for dental nurses to stay involved in an exciting and developing part of dentistry that I had been part of my whole career.

At Dawood and Tanner Dental Practice, we were already involved in training and education and we knew that by formalizing this we could develop training opportunities for all dental professionals to gain knowledge not just from the usual lecture circuit presenters but from a team of dedicated dental professionals who work every day in the dental profession, treating challenging cases and striving for excellent patient care. All the team involved in the Academy have a passion for sharing their knowledge and experience.

Glenys Bridges and myself began the application process of accreditation with the NEBDN and the first steps in a challenging journey in developing the Dawood and Tanner Academy began.

  1. What is your proudest moment and the biggest achievement at the Academy?

One of them has got to be when our first cohort of the Implant Certificate students passed their examination. This was after they had completed a robust Record of Experience and we had completed a challenging year of startup and delivering the 13 units of the qualification. It was a proud moment for all the tutors and especially our assessor Carol who by that time had assessed 50 pieces of work from each student.

  1. Why do you feel that further dental training and education is so important?

Continual education is key in most professions. You cannot continue to deliver the best care for patients without developing new skills and broadening your knowledge. The GDC have recognised this by changing the criteria for CPD. Training and education should be exciting and challenge existing knowledge, not just something you do to tick a box and have a certificate to meet criteria.

  1. What makes The Dawood & Tanner Academy unique from other training course centres?

We are passionate about developing all dental professionals as our experiences working within a multidisciplinary practice lead us towards a full team approach.  What we teach is at the forefront of dentistry. All our tutors and guest speakers are still working with patients every day and teach in addition to their clinical roles. 

  1. Where do you see yourself and the Academy in 5 years’ time?

Completing my Masters and developing further education opportunities within dentistry that challenge the beaurocracy that accreditation brings.

The Academy will be delivering new courses, many online which open educational opportunities up nationally rather than locally. We have plans to work internationally with partners. Exciting times ahead.

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