Don’t let stress, stress you out

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Don’t let stress, stress you out

In your dental nursing role, you might feel pressure from your dentist to keep up a high level of performance. Some dental nurses might feel that they do not have the skills or abilities to achieve what is expected.

As a result can lead to work-related stress, on the contrary dental nurses might feel undervalued or feel they receive a lack of recognition. If this resonates with you, the step to overcome them is reviewing your challenges and identify your tasks, knowledge, skills and make a plan.

Dr Johnson says that emotions can even affect your spine. “Stress exacerbates an already sore back, and psychological factors actually can cause your back pain. Even if stress is causing your back pain, it’s still real. An emotional cause can be just as debilitating and harmful as a physical cause. Gentle exercise and mindfulness can help reduce the amount of stress you’re undergoing and get you back into a life unaffected by back pain as well as reduce stress levels”.

The Mayo Clinic, promote yoga as one of the most relaxing and invigorating forms of exercise. Exercises like the Eagle Pose, which open up your shoulders and chest area are especially effective for reducing stress.

Many people hold stress in their shoulders and necks, so try head turning stretches that allow that stress to relax. When your neck is loose, the effects lead down your spine and help to relax your entire back.

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